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“Your throat is constructed exactly like the throat of the world-famous singers and speakers. There is just one difference. A little one, but all-important. They have a perfectly developed voice muscles—ours is weak, underdeveloped, and imperfectly controlled. If you build up these muscles until they are as strong and well controlled as theirs, our voice will become rich, pure and beautiful. But the regular, persistent, silent, physical exercise of the vocal organism is absolutely essential.

What made this even more important was our realization that hundreds of voice teachers have been teaching different techniques for years, and many of these techniques were diametrically opposed to one another! Our course involves the scientific elimination of bad vocal habits, and their substitution with correct vocal habits. Our main objective is to help students develop their actual voice which is required for good communication, singing etc. We also help the students to remove their stage fear improve their public speaking ability.

The course will take the students to the origin of voice, voice production, effective breathing techniques. The course involve exercises which strengthen the voice muscles, effective use of tongue etc. Apart from this, course will also give students effective techniques of public speaking.

In the course, a special focus/attention is devoted to stuttering or stammering. Our course proved that if the correct vocal action is developed, it becomes physically impossible to stutter. The basic principles of voice improvement remain essentially the same, and will be of benefit to both those who stammer, and those who wish to pursue voice improvement.

Course duration is nearly 6 weeks. But Voice Culture is running several other activities which is totally free for 52 weeks for the students. These activities involved goal setting/personality development techniques, positive attitude techniques, boosting confidence techniques & many more.

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